Photography for Employer Branding

These days, it is getting more and more important for companies to be seen as a attractive employer brand. The rising lack of skilled and experienced staff leads to a need for many companies to position their brand for existing and future employees.

Pictures are a very important building block of this special corporate communication.

The pictorial proportion in Employer Branding is often way over 50 percent. Images have the ability to point out and transport emotions and brand content in the most sufficient and touching ways.

Katholisches Klinikum Mainz Employer Branding Kampagne Intensivstation Pfleger und Pflegerin am Computer bei Besprechung
Freudenberg Human Resources Embloyer Branding Europe Happy People Meeting at the Office

Early in his career,

André Forner specialized in people photography and later focused more and more on employer branding and corporate communication.

He successfully shot national and international campaigns for brands like E-On, Messe München, SECO TOOLS, Freudenberg and many more.

His unique level of empathy gives him the ability to make everyone to live in the moment of the shot. This leads to a high degree of trust an openness among the people in front of the camera.

With this approach it is possible to capture perfect moments that express the brand values for a successful employer branding campaign, wether with actual employees or models.

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